Apple releases new keyboard with 16-inch screen

I kid, but I’ve ranted enough on Twitter about how I still haven’t adjusted to the design decisions Apple made with their ill-fated butterfly keyboard. We get the return of the physical Esc key, a return to the superior inverted-T arrow key layout, and a (hopefully) more reliable switch mechanism.

I’m not in the target market for the 16-inch MacBook (too big) but I hope to see the new keyboard design trickle down to the 13 inch and Air models.

Vulture: “‘Heel It Now, Dig?’: Rian Johnson Revisits the Mystery of Brick”

Looking back at his film “Brick”, Rian Johnson describes how dialogue choices helped with the budget constraints:

We weren’t going to be able to create expressive sets. We weren’t going to be able to go to town with production design. It was just going to look like a high-school movie, until somebody opened their mouth. Once they did, you then knew this was something different. You had to prick up your ears and figure out what this world was. It was making sure that the audience felt secure in that disconnect of being in a fantasy land. This is more Blue Velvet than The River’s Edge.

“Brick” isn’t my favorite Rian Johnson film — I really like the meta-commentary on filmmaking in “The Brothers Bloom”, which also features Rinko Kikuchi’s amazing character, Bang Bang: