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Joshua Ginter on Developing a Journaling Habit

One of those necessities: altering — or perhaps recognizing — the real definition of “journaling”. Many people associate “journaling” with penning complete thoughts into a pen-and-paper diary. However, “journaling” is really just a synonym for “recording”. You can record thoughts, sure, but you can also record a daily log of events, or fitness regiments, or what you ate for breakfast.

I like a lot of what Joshua shared in terms of his journaling mindset/process. Like Joshua, I have a daily journal that I keep in Day One. I found that setting a schedule helped build momentum early on (I have a reminder set for 10:30 pm, but these days I’ve usually written something before that goes off). Another thing that was helpful was setting no limit on subject or length: an entry could be about anything, and as little as one word.

Clips iOS clipboard

A quick follow-up to yesterday’s post: I found Clips, which functions as a system-wide, multi-item clipboard system on iOS. It works pretty well once you activate it as an alternate keyboard. The only point of friction I’ve encountered is that there’s no keyboard shortcut to toggle from the regular keyboard to the Clips one when […]

Writing on the iPad

A few observations after writing every night on the iPad for the last week or so: The lack of multi-tasking is a blessing (even if it’s also a bit of a pain). I find that I pick a task, finish it, and move on to the next thing. Tonight I wrote two emails, then I […]

Nicely Said

Nicely Said is the new book on writing by Nicole Fenton and Kate Kiefer Lee. It’s fantastic and you should go get it. Writing about writing is not an easy task, but Nicole and Kate have managed to craft a book that is practical, funny, and full of empathy, the kind that stands as a […]

Thank You, Editorially

Last week Editorially shut down. I kept using it until the bittersweet end, working on an article for A List Apart. A day before the shutdown I flipped that document’s status to “Final”, exported my data, and debated whether to delete my account or not. I left it alone, with the small hope that everything […]

Prototyping Your Workflow Links

Update (2014-06-10): Jon Yablonski has put together a fantastic resource at Web Design Field Manual. In my recent article for A List Apart, “Prototyping Your Workflow”, I wrote: There’s a seductive danger present whenever you see someone else outline their way of working, however. It’s easy to take their process as a rigid, universal truth. […]