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We Choose The Moon

I’ve been working on this site for a while: We Choose The Moon. It’ll accompany a real-time audio stream of the entire Apollo 11 mission, with each stage marked by a 3D cinematic. Great work by the crew here at Domani Studios, and our fellow astronauts from the Martin Agency and AOL. Launch time is […]

svn:externals and the Versions svn Client

Update 2008-06-16: The latest beta of Versions (1.0b2 (31)) now allows you to set a different program for comparisons. I set mine to Changes, which I find a bit easier to work with than FileMerge. I recently stumbled upon Matthew Weier O’Phinney’s explanation of svn:externals and how you can use it to mix stuff from […]

So Flash, the Registered TM Symbol, and a URLRequest walk into a bar…

At work we ran into a little issue on how to pass the registered trademark symbol ® from flash to the user’s mail client via a mailto: call. We originally tried jamming it into the string like so: [code] var tmessage:String = "%26%23174%3B"; var _req:URLRequest = new URLRequest("mailto:?subject=hello&body=" + tmessage); navigateToURL(_req); [/code] We had hoped […]

RubyAMF and AS2 (follow-up to AS3 + SSR, RubyAMF, and RESTful Rails)

A quick follow-up post to my tutorial on Flash and RubyAMF — RubyAMF can of course be used with AS2. Here’s a short AS block showing a call to the index method of the PeopleController: [as] // remoting import mx.remoting.Service; import mx.remoting.PendingCall; import mx.rpc.RelayResponder; import mx.rpc.ResultEvent; import mx.rpc.FaultEvent; var peopleService:Service = new Service(“http://localhost:3000/rubyamf/gateway”, null, “PeopleController”, […]

RROD Metal!

This video seems appropriate, given that all four people in my office who own an Xbox360 have had to send it in for repairs, sometimes multiple times. And now the office console has given us the less-common single blinking red light, denoting an unknown hardware failure. Quality.