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Tyler School of Art

Over the weekend, while I was sleeping under the stars at a Lehigh Valley farm, the new Tyler School of Art website went live. It’s the first project I was handed when I walked in the door at Bluecadet, so I’m glad to see it finally see the light of day. I worked with a […]

We Choose The Moon

I’ve been working on this site for a while: We Choose The Moon. It’ll accompany a real-time audio stream of the entire Apollo 11 mission, with each stage marked by a 3D cinematic. Great work by the crew here at Domani Studios, and our fellow astronauts from the Martin Agency and AOL. Launch time is […]

svn:externals and the Versions svn Client

Update 2008-06-16: The latest beta of Versions (1.0b2 (31)) now allows you to set a different program for comparisons. I set mine to Changes, which I find a bit easier to work with than FileMerge. I recently stumbled upon Matthew Weier O’Phinney’s explanation of svn:externals and how you can use it to mix stuff from […]

So Flash, the Registered TM Symbol, and a URLRequest walk into a bar…

At work we ran into a little issue on how to pass the registered trademark symbol ® from flash to the user’s mail client via a mailto: call. We originally tried jamming it into the string like so: [code] var tmessage:String = "%26%23174%3B"; var _req:URLRequest = new URLRequest("mailto:?subject=hello&body=" + tmessage); navigateToURL(_req); [/code] We had hoped […]

RubyAMF and AS2 (follow-up to AS3 + SSR, RubyAMF, and RESTful Rails)

A quick follow-up post to my tutorial on Flash and RubyAMF — RubyAMF can of course be used with AS2. Here’s a short AS block showing a call to the index method of the PeopleController: [as] // remoting import mx.remoting.Service; import mx.remoting.PendingCall; import mx.rpc.RelayResponder; import mx.rpc.ResultEvent; import mx.rpc.FaultEvent; var peopleService:Service = new Service(“http://localhost:3000/rubyamf/gateway”, null, “PeopleController”, […]