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Science Friday

Update 2015-11-02: Corrected references to their previous CMS—it was a custom CMS, not a MovableType-based one. The MT one was a previous project, Lapham’s Quarterly. Yesterday Bluecadet flipped the switch and helped Science Friday launch their new, responsive website. In addition to the visual redesign, it also involved moving them from their custom CMS to a new […]

But Sleep *is* Work

Several days ago I tweeted this: We would probably be better off if we approached sleep as a productive action, not just a break from “real” work. I haven’t stopped thinking about it, because I’ve been attempting to wake up just fifteen minutes earlier to read and pray, and the difficult part is that I […]

Band of Outsiders

Erin Kissane just wrote an essay for the pastry box project, which I can only describe as “A Letter to a Young Web Professional”. In it she talks about coming to the web community from outside, and offers some great advice on how to navigate new and unfamiliar waters. It’s very much an essay I […]

Tyler School of Art

Over the weekend, while I was sleeping under the stars at a Lehigh Valley farm, the new Tyler School of Art website went live. It’s the first project I was handed when I walked in the door at Bluecadet, so I’m glad to see it finally see the light of day. I worked with a […]

We Choose The Moon

I’ve been working on this site for a while: We Choose The Moon. It’ll accompany a real-time audio stream of the entire Apollo 11 mission, with each stage marked by a 3D cinematic. Great work by the crew here at Domani Studios, and our fellow astronauts from the Martin Agency and AOL. Launch time is […]