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Science Friday

Update 2015-11-02: Corrected references to their previous CMS—it was a custom CMS, not a MovableType-based one. The MT one was a previous project, Lapham’s Quarterly. Yesterday Bluecadet flipped the switch and helped Science Friday launch their new, responsive website. In addition to the visual redesign, it also involved moving them from their custom CMS to a new […]

A List Apart Event: Designing for Performance

Some notes from A List Apart’s online panel Designing for Performance: Can We Have it All? featuring Lara Hogan, Scott Jehl, Yesenia Perez-Cruz, and Mat Marquis: Optimizing images (or reducing their number outright) are an area where designers and developers can get big wins quickly. Examine the critical path for page rendering—what is synchronous, and […]

Dev Discomfort

Frank Chimero recently wrote a post, “Two Sentences About Getting Older and Working on the Web”, which is short enough that I’ll just quote it here in full: It is time to come clean: Github is confusing, Git is confusinger, pretty much everything in a modern web stack no longer makes sense to me, and […]