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Marshmallow Run: Girl Scouts San Diego + Design Code Build

MacStories’ John Vorhees on a Kickstarter project to develop a programming/design curriculum for girls (well, everyone, really):

…the reward that’s most interesting is a programming starter pack for backers who pledge just $25. The starter pack includes character sprites and other game elements for building Marshmallow Run in Scratch.

Em and I spent part of last year following a Pixelnest Studio tutorial to build a simple shmup in Unity. I’m hopeful Marshmallow Run gets fully backed, because I’d love to try out the starter pack with Em.

NHL 08

Played the NHL 08 demo this past week on the resurrected office XBox 360. I was very impressed. Graphics and sound were eye-poppingly good. I hadn’t played NHL 07 so the control scheme was new to me, but I found it to be very intuitive. The puck mechanics feel very realistic, and thankfully the checking […]

RROD Metal!

This video seems appropriate, given that all four people in my office who own an Xbox360 have had to send it in for repairs, sometimes multiple times. And now the office console has given us the less-common single blinking red light, denoting an unknown hardware failure. Quality.