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Ode to Kuro

The Verge with an ode to the former Kuro TV line for Pioneer: Unfortunately for Pioneer, it was a boutique audiophile-style plasma TV manufacturer in a mass-produced LCD world. Not only were LCDs rapidly dropping in price and rapidly gaining in functionality, but modern plasmas had to battle against a bad reputation for burn-in, ghosting, […]

Selling Pucks

Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images. Yes, I believe that is a built-in beer holder on that Hulk hand. Slate recently ran an article on the difficulty of selling hockey through star power. It’s a good read, touching on a few common hurdles to watching hockey: stars only playing part of the game (what are these […]

Catching Up

Lots of stuff on the burner. Finishing a big project at work, so I’ve been quiet on this space for a bit longer than I anticipated. Evan brought me along to see the Kings/Rangers game last week, which proves what a great guy he is – burning one of his season-ticket shares on a last-place west-coast […]

Like a Phoenix

It’s been quite for far too long in this space. Figured it was time to resurrect the blog for my three readers out there. My absence is mostly due to a very busy month at work, as well as long-ish trip out west. Jordan and I spent a week out in Napa Valley, leading up […]

Bye, bye, Bristow. Where in the world is Jack Bauer?

Finished off the finales for ’24’ and ‘Alias’, yet another instance where the DVR has saved my life. ABC did its usual bang-up job with the ‘Alias’ *series* finale, sticking it on a Monday with zero promotion. Thanks for watching, suckers! I’m glad the show is done, if only because there was nowhere left to […]


Or, “Alias: The Remix”, as we’ve taken to calling it at home. Apparently we’re not the only ones who think so. I finally got around to watching this last night, and it was a lot of fun. It still doesn’t trump the first one by De Palma, but at least it washes away the bad […]