Category: Technology’s Betrayal

Dev Discomfort

Frank Chimero recently wrote a post, “Two Sentences About Getting Older and Working on the Web”, which is short enough that I’ll just quote it here in full: It is time to come clean: Github is confusing, Git is confusinger, pretty much everything in a modern web stack no longer makes sense to me, and […]

This is the Job

Whenever I’m refactoring code I’m reminded of Lester Freamon on The Wire. You might be familiar with the quote: “This, right here? This is the job”. (Wilson Miner wrote a nice thought along similar lines on The Pastry Box last year. You should read that, because he sets it up much better than I can. […]

Disabling PHP 5.5.3 OPcache in MAMP

A student in my MCAD PHP and WordPress class ran into a curious issue where her changes to PHP scripts running in MAMP weren’t reflected when she refreshed the page in a browser, unless she opened the page in a new tab. Turns out OPcache is enabled by default in PHP 5.5.3 running in MAMP […]