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We Read Our Friends

Last week I attended a wedding celebration for my friends Max and Nicole. It also happened to be the first time I had met either of them in person. I was joined by several mutual friends, the majority of whom I was also meeting in person for the first time. Even now I hesitate when […]

Matias Quiet Pro Keyboard

Macworld reviews the new Matias Quiet Pro Keyboard. I had one of their Tactile models several years back; I loved it, but it also earned me the nickname “Thunderkeys” from my officemates. I’d be interested to try out the Quiet Pro and see what it feels like. I do miss the modifier key notes on […]

Use What You’ve Got

Reading The Setup is a reminder that some of the most creative people don’t obsess about their tools—they find what works and get on with the business of making things. Today’s interview with Chris Onstad (Achewood) ends with the usual “What would be your dream setup?” question, and he replies: I can do whatever I […]