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Maine Weekend

Update 2007-09-10: Photos are here. I had particular fun trying out kayaking for the first time, Mike was great getting Jamie, Jordan, and I sorted out on the water the first day. Just got back from a weekend up in Harpswell, Maine with the bulk of the Farmer clan – celebrating Mike’s and Jamie’s birthdays. […]

Hip Shot

Heavy Bass Test shot from my new Ricoh GX100. I picked one up largely on the basis of the high-iso B+W output I’ve been seeing on the web, and the noise does look better than most of the compacts out there — almost like film grain. Obviously in color I’ve been sticking to ISO 80-200. […]

Point and Shoot Update

Lots of stuff happening — turned 30 last Thursday. Lots of friends came out to celebrate on Friday, some of whom I hadn’t seen in the flesh in a very long time. I have no photos, unfortunately, an oversight to which the remainder of this post relates directly. Fake Steve Jobs was finally (and regrettably, […]