Category: PS3

PS3 HDD Upgrade

Ran out of disk space on my 40GB PS3 last week, so I took a bit of time last night to swap out the hard drive. One of the great things about the PS3 is that it uses a standard 2.5″ notebook drive, as opposed to a proprietary setup. I had replaced the stock 120GB […]

GT Academy

So top European players of Gran Turismo 5 Prologue can now compete in the newly-launched GT Academy for the opportunity to race cars in real life. It appears that the racers will be culled from online time trial races, and then head-to-head national competitions. The fastest three drivers from each country then get to go […]

Catching Up

Lots of stuff on the burner. Finishing a big project at work, so I’ve been quiet on this space for a bit longer than I anticipated. Evan brought me along to see the Kings/Rangers game last week, which proves what a great guy he is – burning one of his season-ticket shares on a last-place west-coast […]

Nyko Blue Wave Remote

One of the more curious omissions from the PS3 is an infrared receiver. The controllers work via Bluetooth, as does the more conventional remote control for media playback that Sony sells separately. Unfortunately, most universal remotes (including mine) use IR or RF, so I resigned myself to picking up the Sony remote so that Jordan […]