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Chautauqua 2015

Last month we spent a week at Chautauqua, NY, as guests of my parents-in-law Mike and Debbie. Amelia and Sophie took part in camp; I worked all week but took time out to attend a few lectures. It’s hard to describe Chautauqua, this NY Times article does a pretty good job. Ava DuVernay One of […]

Maine 2015

Some scenes from our annual trip to Maine. For the last few years we’ve stayed on a peninsula just outside of Freeport, near the Wolfe’s Neck state park. This year we got some pretty good weather for the majority of our stay. There was, as usual, plenty of seafood. My father-in-law, Mike, got a tandem […]

Through New (Old) Lenses

These are my new glasses. When I first put them on everything looked weird, even though my prescription hadn’t changed. It took a few days of forcing myself to wear them before my brain caught up with my eyes and everything felt normal again. That experience got me thinking about how we see with cameras […]

Phantom Pro

Flickr’s revamp has led to a bit of confusion about the future of the “Pro” membership, with some claiming that Pro memberships are going away, even for existing Pro users: The upgrade screws many old pro users as it basically eliminates it totally. Pros had unlimited storage, unlimited photo uploads, unlimited video uploads, the ability […]