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Chautauqua 2015

Last month we spent a week at Chautauqua, NY, as guests of my parents-in-law Mike and Debbie. Amelia and Sophie took part in camp; I worked all week but took time out to attend a few lectures. It’s hard to describe Chautauqua, this NY Times article does a pretty good job. Ava DuVernay One of […]

Maine 2015

Some scenes from our annual trip to Maine. For the last few years we’ve stayed on a peninsula just outside of Freeport, near the Wolfe’s Neck state park. This year we got some pretty good weather for the majority of our stay. There was, as usual, plenty of seafood. My father-in-law, Mike, got a tandem […]

Thirty Seven

The word that comes to mind for this past year is continuity. Two years ago was filled with a lot of change. There was less of that this past year, but there was still plenty that came to mind. I’m still working at Bluecadet, surrounded by some very talented people. Right now I’m doing a […]

A Different Sort of Professional

As we’re shucking and cutting corn off the cob I tell Jordan that I prefer to leave the stem on the cob, since it makes for a handle while cutting. J: Sorry, I already broke it off. Never send an amateur to do your job. Me: You’re not an amateur. You’re just a different sort […]