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Google Apps

I’m now hosting my email via Google Apps, switching over from the default hosting with my webhost. I switched mostly to get a better handle on spam, since Google’s spam filtering on the server level is really good. I’d been using Spam Sieve to do client-side spam filtering, and it does a great job there. […]

Point and Shoot Update

Lots of stuff happening — turned 30 last Thursday. Lots of friends came out to celebrate on Friday, some of whom I hadn’t seen in the flesh in a very long time. I have no photos, unfortunately, an oversight to which the remainder of this post relates directly. Fake Steve Jobs was finally (and regrettably, […]

I capitulate

After some prodding, a beginning. This also marks the end of a long digression into blogging experimentation for experimentation’s sake (blogger, movabletype, flash front-ends). In the meantime here it is, using the cleanest layout I could find.