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Keyboards Extended II

Update 2008-05-02: Got a SteelSeries 7G to try. It’s a non-starter, because on the Mac the “SteelSeries” function key occupies the left-hand Alt/Option key position and can’t be remapped. When ordering it I thought they had just put the SteelSeries logo over the standard Windows key. So I’m sending it back. Just for reference, the […]

Keyboards, Keyboards

Update 2008-05-08: Jake Seliger just posted a review of the Unicomp (Model M-type) Customizer Update 2008-05-06: Found the forums, which provided some nice feedback on different mechanical keyswitch models. Update 2008-05-01: I’ve compiled most of people’s suggestions in a follow-up post. This is why I love The Talk Show: in Episode 20, Dan Benjamin […]