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Apple releases new keyboard with 16-inch screen

I kid, but I’ve ranted enough on Twitter about how I still haven’t adjusted to the design decisions Apple made with their ill-fated butterfly keyboard. We get the return of the physical Esc key, a return to the superior inverted-T arrow key layout, and a (hopefully) more reliable switch mechanism.

I’m not in the target market for the 16-inch MacBook (too big) but I hope to see the new keyboard design trickle down to the 13 inch and Air models.

Matias Quiet Pro Keyboard

Macworld reviews the new Matias Quiet Pro Keyboard. I had one of their Tactile models several years back; I loved it, but it also earned me the nickname “Thunderkeys” from my officemates. I’d be interested to try out the Quiet Pro and see what it feels like. I do miss the modifier key notes on […]

Filco Keyboard Deep Clean

Click for full-size Some maintenance work on the Filco Keyboard. So much grit had built up on the keycaps, and I had a feeling that it was even worse under the keys. What I wasn’t prepared for was how much dirt was under there: Crumbs, dust, hair, and who knows what else. I pulled all […]

Leopold Keyboards at EliteKeyboards

It looks like EliteKeyboards is no longer carrying the Filco line of Cherry MX boards. Instead they’re offering up what looks like a very similar option from Leopold. has a thread here with some good info on the Leopold. Apparently the designer is the same guy behind the Filco boards. No wonder they look […]