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We Read Our Friends

Last week I attended a wedding celebration for my friends Max and Nicole. It also happened to be the first time I had met either of them in person. I was joined by several mutual friends, the majority of whom I was also meeting in person for the first time. Even now I hesitate when […]

Wedding Weekend

Back from Malvern, PA, where Jordan and I attended Caroline and Brad’s wedding. Photos from the digicam are here. I shot a few rolls of film with the Leica that I’ll get developed this week. It was a beautiful weekend — on the drive down on Friday it seemed that everyone had played hooky to […]

Pacific NW Trip

Jordan and I just finished a trip out to Seattle and Portland (Vancouver just missed the cut) last week. We had a great time in both cities. Photos are here. We’d both been to Seattle before (I made a few trips out there while Joseph was at U-Dub) but it was our first time in […]

This Walk is Always a Blur

My friend Irwin was married this past weekend, at St. Bartholomew’s Church in New York City. More shots are at Flickr. I wish him and Catherine the best of luck – it’s a crime that we haven’t seen each other very often, despite living in the same city. Only Toffy made it from the ISM […]