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NYT: “‘Mad Max: Fury Road’: The Oral History of a Modern Action Classic”

This retelling of the Fury Road production has been making the rounds in my various friend circles; has it really been five years? It’s wild to hear how the film almost didn’t have the Citadel scenes:

He [Jeff Robinov] said, “The camera will stop on Dec. 8, no matter what you’ve got, and that’s the end of it.” We hadn’t shot any of the scenes in the Citadel yet, where the opening and closing book ends of the film are set, and we had to go into postproduction without them. It was almost incomprehensible.

I’m not sure how I feel about the just-announced prequel plans — it sounds like they’re recasting the Furiosa role, and I feel like that’s an even tougher casting choice than Tom Hardy stepping into Mel Gibson’s role.

Vulture: “‘Heel It Now, Dig?’: Rian Johnson Revisits the Mystery of Brick”

Looking back at his film “Brick”, Rian Johnson describes how dialogue choices helped with the budget constraints:

We weren’t going to be able to create expressive sets. We weren’t going to be able to go to town with production design. It was just going to look like a high-school movie, until somebody opened their mouth. Once they did, you then knew this was something different. You had to prick up your ears and figure out what this world was. It was making sure that the audience felt secure in that disconnect of being in a fantasy land. This is more Blue Velvet than The River’s Edge.

“Brick” isn’t my favorite Rian Johnson film — I really like the meta-commentary on filmmaking in “The Brothers Bloom”, which also features Rinko Kikuchi’s amazing character, Bang Bang:

The Last Video Store

A short mini-doc on Ardmore’s own Viva Video. The bittersweet tone is one I share — like the store’s owner, Miguel, I hope that Viva Video can keep going as long as possible. Streaming is more convenient, but I love that my family has a space like Viva Video where we can go, browse, get the staff’s opinion, and get a chance to experience the unexpected.