Category: Fatherhood

Ponytail Practice

My wife sings in church, so there’s generally at least one Sunday out of the month where she leaves the house early to do the pre-service warm-up. On those mornings it’s just me and the girls, scrambling to get out the door on time. I’m pretty good at getting them fed and dressed. My wife […]

Spit Take

Soph: I’m gonna give you a juicy kiss!1 Me: O-ookay. *kiss * Soph: I had a lot of spit. Me: … 1. Up until a few months ago, Soph wouldn’t give out kisses. If you asked for one, she’d offer you her cheek. (It’s clear she’s already figured out exactly who holds the power in […]

Holding Amelia

My niece Hannah was born this past Sunday night, which gave me one more reason to finish this post. I find myself writing more and more frequently about fatherhood these days, perhaps subconsciously fighting against the fading memory of these moments. Here’s a few notes I wrote the morning I first held my daughter Amelia […]

Sophie Reads to Me

My morning usually goes something like this: I wake at 6:15am (ish). I read, pray, and then use the bathroom (which I try to do as silently as possible, because if I don’t wake the kids there is the slenderest chance that I might crawl back in bed next to my wife). But on this […]