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Maine 2015

Some scenes from our annual trip to Maine. For the last few years we’ve stayed on a peninsula just outside of Freeport, near the Wolfe’s Neck state park. This year we got some pretty good weather for the majority of our stay. There was, as usual, plenty of seafood. My father-in-law, Mike, got a tandem […]

Career Woman

Em: But if I become an astronaut, how will I take care of a baby? J: Well, that’s a tough decision. Lots of women have to make decisions like that. beat Soph: Emmy. You should just have a space baby.

Marshmallow Peep S’mores

Some photos from my mother-in-law’s Peep S’more experiment: dark chocolate and marshmallow Peeps. My daughter, niece, and nephew were all very excited, hovering around the oven as they waited for the Peeps to broil. Toby waiting for Peep S’mores Grace waiting Results Success


Sophie Eleanor was born on Sept. 16th, at 12:29 AM. While retrieving my car from the parking garage to bring her home, the parking attendant asked me, “How much this baby cost?”. To which I replied, “More than you want to know.” It took me a minute to realize that he was asking me about […]

Wedding Weekend

Back from Malvern, PA, where Jordan and I attended Caroline and Brad’s wedding. Photos from the digicam are here. I shot a few rolls of film with the Leica that I’ll get developed this week. It was a beautiful weekend — on the drive down on Friday it seemed that everyone had played hooky to […]