Category: Cameras

Through New (Old) Lenses

These are my new glasses. When I first put them on everything looked weird, even though my prescription hadn’t changed. It took a few days of forcing myself to wear them before my brain caught up with my eyes and everything felt normal again. That experience got me thinking about how we see with cameras […]

Wanderlust Pinwide On the Street

Stopped just south of City Hall to experiment with the Pinwide outdoors in bright sunlight. This first one was probably the best of the bunch, with the ghost of a woman crossing in the middle of the street layered on top of another woman standing on the concrete island in the background: 5 seconds, ISO […]

Springtime in Vienna

Selective focus on micro-4/3rds can be hard to achieve, but the 45mm/f1.8 makes things easier Spring is for photography—everything’s blooming and colors come back full-force. Took the camera out into my in-laws’ backyard. Lately I’ve decided to hunker down and learn the ins-and-outs of this E-P2 that I got just before Sophie was born. I’ve […]

Pentax Q

You have to hand it to Pentax: they always seem to be thinking on a different wavelength, finding niches in the camera marketplace instead of following the lead of Canon and Nikon. This new Q system looks like a really interesting camera—small as a point-and-shoot, but with interchangeable lenses. The Online Photographer has a good […]