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On Web Typography

Perhaps the highest compliment I can pay Jason Santa Maria is that his book On Web Typography is changing my handwriting. Every morning I read, pray, and journal for a few minutes—and I recently noticed that I’ve been tweaking my script. I’ve adjusted my margins, fiddled with the space between lines, and tweaked the size […]

Nicely Said

Nicely Said is the new book on writing by Nicole Fenton and Kate Kiefer Lee. It’s fantastic and you should go get it. Writing about writing is not an easy task, but Nicole and Kate have managed to craft a book that is practical, funny, and full of empathy, the kind that stands as a […]

Adaptive Web Design by Aaron Gustafson

For the tl;dr crowd: Just get the book. Short enough to finish in an afternoon, but packed to the gills with information you’ll use moving forward. Until last fall, I spent most of the last ten years primarily building sites using Flash. Since moving to Philadelphia to join 160over90, I’ve spent most of my time […]