Offline Development with Lando

Update 2019-04-30: When I tried to change my TLD the URLs kept showing up in red after a lando rebuild. I’ve noted below that you need to enter the domain of your lando instance in the /etc/hosts file.

Finally got around to configuring Lando for offline development, mostly because I’ve been traveling quite a bit for the last two weeks and WiFi can get spotty in airports/trains.

Here’s the official documentation. I chose “ml” as my top-level domain (TLD). Following the documentation step-by-step did not result in success. I had to dig a bit, and I found this helpful Github issue, which noted two things:

  • Step 10 in the official docs instruct you to add domain: (in my case domain: to the /.lando/config.yml file. The Github issue suggested dropping the “.me” part of the entry, and I can confirm that this helped.
  • Steps 11 and 12 instruct you to do a lando poweroff and lando start. When I did this my urls showed up red, and would not resolve properly. Doing a lando rebuild as suggested in the Github issue worked, however.

Not noted in the issue, but very important: your /etc/hosts file needs to contain your actual project instance’s domain, mapped to, like: