Three years later, Tidal is still waiting for its big wave

Micah Singleton, for The Verge:

From everyone that I’ve spoken to, it’s pretty unanimous that Tidal has notably improved its service over the years. But with no new marketing strategy, the lack of awareness around Tidal in the US, and the seemingly continued disdain from those who do know the service and remember that tone deaf launch, the odds of Tidal turning up the growth and becoming a legitimate music streaming competitor to Spotify and Apple are shrinking by the day.

I’ve used a bunch of streaming services: Rdio (RIP), Mog (RIP), Spotify, and Apple Music. I’ve used Tidal for the last couple of years because they’re the only service that has high-bitrate/lossless audio options, but this article is right: they don’t really have a marketing presence to help them stand out against their competitors. Whether it can survive as an audiophile niche option is doubtful.