Pi(e) Day

The annual Bluecadet Pie Day challenge — not a bad showing, with over a dozen folks bringing in savory and sweet pies.

Blueberry and blackberry crumb pie.
Team Llobrera
A blood orange curd pie with the pi symbol in the center.
Maya’s blood orange curd pie
Various pies lined up on a table.
View from above
A key lime pie with lavender and toasted coconut flakes.
The eventual winner, Brad’s key lime pie with lavender and toasted coconut flakes
Victoria explains the tasting and judging procedure.
Victoria outlining the proceedings
Closeup of the Golden Spoon awarded to the winner.
Golden Spoon up for grabs
Smiling folks cutting into various pies.
Tasting time
Orderly lines of people waiting to sample pies.
Brad holding the Golden Spoon aloft in victory.

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