I’ve never been very good at marking time. Most years I would forget my birthday (and sometimes my age) if my wife did not remind me. So it’s instructive for me to look back at the past year, which ended up being a pretty eventful one:

  • I switched jobs this past December, joining the team at Bluecadet.
  • I took my oldest daughter camping and canoeing and survived (we were both heavily supervised by my brother-in-law, Peter).
  • I led development on the recently-launched Tyler School of Art redesign.
  • I taught (formally) for the first time, an online course with MCAD.
  • My wife and I started leading a weekly community group from our church, which has allowed me to finally reconcile my misgivings about religion with a model of love in action.
  • I made it to Eyeo, where I had an impromptu Domani reunion with Andy Hatch and David Wicks. The festival itself blew my mind and opened up lots of exciting new avenues to explore.
  • I continued to meet lots of incredible folks on Twitter, who expand my mind—and my heart—daily. I even managed to meet some of them in person. I hope to do that more often.
  • I worked on a touchscreen project all about sea monsters. A day where you get to say “I’m working on the Kraken” is a good day, indeed.
  • I resurrected my Flickr account and started shooting more instead of just looking for new cameras.
  • My wife and I worked out a schedule where I get to read to my kids in the morning when they wake up, and when they go to sleep at night.
  • I taught my daughter how to say, “Roll camera, Action!” and “Cut!” when we make her home movies.

I’m looking forward to this coming year.