Matias Quiet Pro Keyboard

Macworld reviews the new Matias Quiet Pro Keyboard. I had one of their Tactile models several years back; I loved it, but it also earned me the nickname “Thunderkeys” from my officemates. I’d be interested to try out the Quiet Pro and see what it feels like. I do miss the modifier key notes on each key:

Matias has also printed each key with any extended characters—those accessed by pressing various combinations of modifier keys—available through the key. Characters accessed using the Option key are displayed to the right of the regular character and superscripted, while those accessed using Shift+Option are also to the right but slightly higher. This notation makes perfect sense when you see it, and it keeps you from having to hunt for infrequently used but still important symbols and diacritical marks. For example, a quick glance at the keyboard shows you that the infinity symbol (∞) is Option+5, or that the Apple symbol () is Shift+Option+K. I have trouble remembering where various characters are hiding, so I really appreciate the guidance.

For the record, I’m still using the Filco Majestouch model I imported via a Japanese buying service years ago.