Typekit and Drupal

We recently got a Typekit account at work, so the next step was to see if I could integrate it into some Drupal 7 projects. I was going to include the JavaScript files manually, but fortunately I stumbled upon this module first: @font-your-face. You’ll need to generate an API token and you’re going to be up and running. If you’re not using Typekit, @font-your-face also supports other font services, like Font Squirrel, Fontdeck, Fonts.com, Google Fonts, and KERNEST.

One quick note: If you’ve enabled the @font-your-face module and the Typekit module but you don’t see your Typekit JS being included in the HEAD of your html, check that the sites/default/files/fontyourface/font.css file is writeable by your server. I’m not sure why that makes a difference—it doesn’t look like that file contains anything, but after making it writeable and disabling/re-enabling the modules the Typekit JS showed up.