Blogging on the iPad

I wrote the last post “Not If, But When” on the iPad, using the iOS WordPress app. That was my first attempt at writing more than tweets on the iPad. I noticed a few things: I found that typing a long-form piece was a slower experience, but completely workable. I was frustrated, however, by the lack of any clear way to create links. After some more experimentation I found that starting to type “http://” makes the app ask you if you want to create a link. It would be nice to have a dedicated button, or at the very least a quick introductory message showing how to create one.

I wrote this post by starting it as a draft in Mars Edit, and then continuing it in the WordPress iOS app. I can imagine that my usual process will most likely involve the reverse: starting a post in iOS and finishing it in Mars Edit.

I still don’t see how to create curled quote marks with the software keyboard; I imagine that hooking up a Bluetooth keyboard is the only way to get those. I just installed a Markdown plugin on this blog, and using that syntax on the iOS app surprisingly works. So that gives me support for things like emphasis and blockquotes. Not bad.