TextMate 2 May Never Come

John Gruber at Daring Fireball linked to this particular post by Watts Martin on the choices facing current TextMate users. John Gruber quoted the humorous first paragraph which asks users to face the reality of abandonment, but it’s this paragraph that sums it up for me:

First off: if you are a Mac user and compatibility with TextMate is an absolute must-have, let me ask you two questions. Is TextMate 1.5 still working for you? Can you keep living with its limitations? If you answered both those questions “yes,” our work is done here. Go in peace.

At the recently-concluded An Event Apart conference in Boston I saw TextMate windows on a lot of laptop screens, (including the presentations by Jeremy Keith). That tells me that lots of people are still finding TextMate 1.5 to be an effective tool, despite its shortcomings. TextMate 2 may never come, but for many people (myself included) TextMate 1.5 continues to work just fine.

For the rest who can’t/won’t use any of the alternatives suggested by Martin, you can keep checking the TextMate 2 status page.