Filco Keyboard Deep Clean

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Some maintenance work on the Filco Keyboard. So much grit had built up on the keycaps, and I had a feeling that it was even worse under the keys.

What I wasn’t prepared for was how much dirt was under there:


Crumbs, dust, hair, and who knows what else.


I pulled all the keys off (using a makeshift keycap puller). The longer keys (spacebar, shift, enter, etc.) had extra wire stabilizers that required some finessing. Then I dumped them in soapy hot water, scrubbed them, and laid them all out to dry. Then I took a bunch of q-tips dipped in diluted alcohold to the board, trying to get most of the dirt there.


Mark_Llobrera_00007.jpg Mark_Llobrera_00008.jpg

Next time I’ll have to find a can of compressed air before doing this; it would’ve made cleaning the board a lot easier.