John Gruber on Wireless Syncing and iOS

A long, but very well-articulated piece on the state of iOS and wireless syncing. This bit jumped out at me:

I’ll bet nearly all Android users have Google accounts, and thus get calendars and contacts and many other bits of application data synced over-the-air a few minutes after they take their phones out of the box.

That experience was the single biggest revelation for me when I got the Optimus V on Virgin Mobile. I entered my Google Apps account, and everything appeared, as if by magic. On my iPhone 3G I was able to sync with my Google info as well, but there were always a few things that annoyed me: deleting Gmail messages in the iPhone app, for instance, never seemed to work properly. Likewise Calendars didn’t seem to update if I accepted/rejected a meeting invite on my desktop computer. Little annoyances like those were magnified because the rest of the iOS experience is so polished.