Das Keyboard III


Das Keyboard, Take Three. If this had been announced a month ago I might have paused before importing the Filco. It appears to use the blue Cherry keyswitches, which are a bit clickier (and consequently louder) than the brown switches on the Filco. It also has a USB hub, which the Filco lacks. It would be nice to try one, if only to feel (and hear) how it behaves.

More importantly, the new Das comes in two flavors, one of which has the characters printed on the keys. I can appreciate that not having the keys marked would make you a better touch typist if you stuck with it, but I like that they’re finally giving users another option — especially if they’re less concerned with touch-typing elitism and just want a great-feeling keyboard.

As for the Filco, I’ve settled in after a period of adjustment. It’s a bit higher than the Macally Icekey that it replaced, so my hand position had to change slightly. The keys have a very “light” feel — it doesn’t require much pressure to type a character, so I find myself bottoming out less unless I’m really typing fast.