PS3 HDD Upgrade


Ran out of disk space on my 40GB PS3 last week, so I took a bit of time last night to swap out the hard drive. One of the great things about the PS3 is that it uses a standard 2.5″ notebook drive, as opposed to a proprietary setup. I had replaced the stock 120GB drive in my Macbook a while back with a 250GB model, so I decided to put the leftover drive to use. The process was easy, with the actual hard drive swap taking about 10 minutes. Of course, doing a full backup of the data on the PS3 took about an hour, but I just let that run while Jordan and I cooked dinner.

CNET Asia has good step-by-step instructions here. The PS3 backup utility mentioned in the instructions is a bit buried in the XMB interface; here’s the path: Settings >???????? ????? ???????? System Settings > Backup Utility.

After installing the new drive I ran a restore off the backup, and I was up and running again with a bit more headroom for game demos, GT TV downloads, SingStar songs, and TV episodes that I’m making my way through. Finally, I put the old 40GB drive into a portable enclosure for quick data transfers between the office and home.