Making Your Default Search Engine in Safari


Note: These instructions refer to the Mac OS X version of Safari. I sometimes forget that Safari is available for Windows.

Since I use Safari as my primary browser on my Mac, I was looking for a way to make Greensearch my default search engine. In Firefox this is a fairly easy thing, you just go to Greensearch and the search field drop-down arrow lights up in blue. Clicking on this gives you an option to add Greensearch as a search engine.

In Safari Google is the only search engine available by default. But by installing the Safari extension Inquisitor you have the option of adding additional search engines.


Clicking on the “Display links to additional search engines” checkbox and hitting the “Edit Sites…” button brings you to a screen where you can add Greensearch by clicking on the “+” in the lower left-hand corner and selecting “New custom search shortcut”. This will add a new field to the search engines list. You can assign a name, url, and shortcut.


For Greensearch the url will be [code][/code]

I’ve set the shortcut to “Return” but you can also set this to a key combination of your choice. From here on out if you type something in the search field and hit Return, it will bring you straight to the Greensearch results page.

As a side note, even though I’d installed Inquisitor primarly to enable Greensearch from the Safari search field, I’ve come to appreciate its Spotlight-like approach to web searches, and the top three results (the number can be adjusted, of course) that it displays are often pretty good.