Nyko Blue Wave Remote

One of the more curious omissions from the PS3 is an infrared receiver. The controllers work via Bluetooth, as does the more conventional remote control for media playback that Sony sells separately. Unfortunately, most universal remotes (including mine) use IR or RF, so I resigned myself to picking up the Sony remote so that Jordan and I could control DVD/Blu-ray playback without using the Sixaxis. Thankfully I checked a few online forums, and someone mentioned the Nyko Blue Wave remote, which operates via IR.

I received the remote in the mail a few days ago, spent ten minutes teaching my universal remote the buttons, and just like that my one-remote household is preserved…with one small exception. Because the Nyko IR receiver plugs into one of the PS3 USB slots, and those slots don’t have power when the PS3 is off, I still have to turn on the machine with one of the Sixaxis controllers before I can use my universal remote. Not a big deal, but a small annoyance that makes me question what Sony was thinking – if they’re touting the PS3 as a high-end piece of consumer electronics, why ignore the fact that most universal remotes use IR?