Google Apps

I’m now hosting my email via Google Apps, switching over from the default hosting with my webhost. I switched mostly to get a better handle on spam, since Google’s spam filtering on the server level is really good. I’d been using Spam Sieve to do client-side spam filtering, and it does a great job there. But I found that accessing my email via the web was a mess, unless I left my home machine on to filter email during the day.

I didn’t think seriously about a switch until Domani moved over to Google Apps — I had a GMail address, but really wanted to keep my own domain email. I don’t know how much else I’ll be using from the Google Apps suite, but the email functionality alone was worth the half-hour I spent this morning switching everything over.

Google’s decision to make IMAP available was the other factor – even with Google email for my personal domain, I was still hesitant to switch because I’d grown used to the convenience of IMAP. Once I saw IMAP was available, I rolled up the sleeves and got it done this morning.

The other not-so-minor effect of all this is that an iPhone just got more attractive. I had previously deemed the Mail app on the iPhone to be a bit problematic, since I was doing all my spam filtering on the client side, and of course there’s no Spam Sieve (or equivalent) for the Mail app yet (the developer SDK next year may change that). Now that Google’s doing the heavy spam filtering on the server side, however, the whole equation has changed. I’ll be keeping an eye out in the Spring for the expected first iPhone revision.