Breakaway Drills

I’ve signed up to play Division 8 (aka the Slip ‘n Fall division) hockey at Chelsea Piers with the Sled Dogs. I’m looking forward to a season of flubbed passes, accidental goals, and weak clearing attempts.

At last night’s clinic we ran a few different drills, including breakaway drills where they drop a puck at center ice and two guys on opposite ends of the goal line race for it. It appears I’ve lost a lot of acceleration in the last few years, because I only won the puck two out of four times. In my defense one of the guys I lost to was about 6’4″ and he just out-reached me. It was like Theo Fleury against Mario Lemieux out there, reach-wise.

I also tried on a few helmets at the pro shop, hoping to find a candidate to replace my old Mission bucket. I first tried the Bauer 8500 (which Joseph uses) but I couldn’t get it to fit comfortably. I then tried the Mission Intake, which felt a lot better. As for gloves I tried on the Vapor XX pair, but the cuff on those is huge! So it looks like the Supreme One70 or (if I splurge a little) the Supreme One90. I know, hockey gear is so fascinating.

NHL 08 got released this week, and it’s getting some pretty good reviews. I’m tempted to get a system just to play this game, but it looks like I’ll be sticking to the real thing for now. I realized the last version of the game I owned was NHL 98, a decade ago. This is the first year that EA seems to have gone for more realism as opposed to arcade-style hockey.

Speaking of systems, the office XBox is still in the shop arrived right after I posted this, which makes this shirt oh so very appropriate: