Scrimmaged with the Sled Dogs D8 (the lowest division) team last night. I played roller hockey with the team’s captain during the days when my weekly Bruise ‘n Brunch pickup game was still located in the LES. It was nice to play a game after doing strictly drills for the last several weeks. I played D for most of the game, then shifted to the forward lines for the last few shifts. I definitely feel better at forward — on D I was getting beaten in the corners.

On the positive side the speed wasn’t overwhelming -- I felt like I had a second to read things and make a play. A couple of players said that the pace was a lot quicker than the usual D8 game, probably because there were a few players from the higher divisions sprinkled on both squads. Another positive was that I managed to skate with my head up most of the night (no small feat for me), and for the most part I was able to hang onto the puck. That’s one place where I feel the benefit of playing on ice — you can “feel” the puck on your stick much easier than when playing roller. Probably has something to do with having a lot less friction on the puck/stick.