Point and Shoot Update

Lots of stuff happening -- turned 30 last Thursday. Lots of friends came out to celebrate on Friday, some of whom I hadn’t seen in the flesh in a very long time. I have no photos, unfortunately, an oversight to which the remainder of this post relates directly.

Fake Steve Jobs was finally (and regrettably, in my opinion) unmasked, and new Apple hardware and software got announced yesterday. It says something about my obsession with keyboards that I’m probably most intrigued by the new razor-thin keyboard that they debuted as opposed to the iMac/iLife announcements. I’m using a Macally IceKey at work, and at home I’m rocking the super-clacky Matias Tactile Pro. So far the Tactile Pro is my favorite, but unfortunately it’s simply too loud for the office.

In a fit of autogifting I ended up getting the Ricoh GX-100, and the battery is charging as I write this. Amin Sabet’s detailed comparison between the GX-100, Panasonic LX-1, and Canon G7 helped me make up my mind. That, and seeing/holding all of the cameras in the flesh at Adorama.

I waffled for a long time between the GX-100 and the GR-D, but in the end the need for some measure of focal length flexibility won out. I think if/when the Sigma DP-1 and the GR-D follow-up hit the market I can decide whether I need a prime-lensed model. The other candidate was a Pentax K100D, with either the 21mm or 40mm pancake lens. The rationale behind getting the compact instead was for more portability -- I already leave the rangefinder at home more often than I’d like, and that outfit is around the size of a small DSLR.

I’m excited to start shooting this thing. I’m going to install the Aperture and Lightroom trials on my machine, and see how each runs. I have a feeling that Aperture is going to be pretty slow on my Macbook, but it’s worth a try.

More hockey tonight.