I’ve been searching for a decentralized to-do system for a while now -- I previously used iCal for this purpose, but I no longer carry my laptop to work everyday so keeping everything in sync was getting difficult. I’d heard about Backpack before, but didn’t delve into it until recently. I thought it was a good idea -- a centralized repository that you could send notes, to-dos, images, and reminders via website, email, or even your phone -- but didn’t see much use for it.

Two things made me curious to try it out in this new year -- the presence of a dashboard widget and a plugin for Quicksilver. The combination of the two means that I can add to-dos and notes to my Backpack pages from either Quicksilver or the widget, and I can check my Backpack pages without ever needing to fire up a browser.

This post on magpiebrain was a big help in getting it all set up.