Like a Phoenix

It’s been quite for far too long in this space. Figured it was time to resurrect the blog for my three readers out there. My absence is mostly due to a very busy month at work, as well as long-ish trip out west. Jordan and I spent a week out in Napa Valley, leading up to a friend’s wedding. Photos are back from the lab, and I’ll be posting a few shortly.

The title of this post refers to my 2 1/2 year-old 12″ Powerbook, which Friday night started going into a beach-ball spiral of death. An attempt a reboot stalled at the Apple logo screen. This, friends, is why you back up. I loaded a cloned backup of my harddrive from a week ago and so far things appear to be stable, but I’m wondering how much longer this hard drive will last. Super Duper!, which I use for backups, has proven to be worth every penny of the $30 license.

In other news, I am now officially part of the bike commuter nation, the recipient of this bike from my family. Kudos to Joseph for the great idea. It now takes me roughly 10 minutes to get to work, with most of my route sporting a dedicated bike lane. And yes, Mom, I wear a helmet.

If you’re not up on it, it’s probably too late. But for the rest of us, rejoice -- The Wire is back on tonight.

Finally, Joyce Bakeshop is now open in Prospect Heights. It’s like the Peach Pit for Brooklyn Vassar kids, only featuring superlative baked goods.