Official site. Saw this at a benefit screening last night. I came away very impressed, if a little woozy -- the shaky-cam made me feel like I was watching a Paul Greengrass movie. The plot is minimal -- it involves a kidnapping and blackmail, set against the slums of Cavite.

For a zero-budget indie it was very well put together. Ian Gamazon and Neill dela Llana (co-writers and directors) shot the hell out of it, and the editing was on point. What got me were the little spaces in between, though -- there’s one point where the camera cuts away from the lead character and just follows a kid as he walks through the city, while the subtitles at the bottom carry you through what’s happening in the main plot. It’s things like that which separate film from other mediums -- the ability to have this visual information breaking from what you’re hearing (or reading) and still have it all make sense.